Renzo Martens

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Written, Directed, Filmed by Renzo Martens
Editor: Jan De Coster
Script Doctor and Artistic Advisor: Eric Vanderborght
On-line facilities: Condor
Sound Editor: Raf Enckels
Sound Mixing: Federik van de Moortel
Additional Cameras: Jean-Francois Mombia, Mumbere Mughenye Rwa
Production Assistants: Raymond Ambena, Jimmy Botombela, Eric ‘Cowboy’ Kapita, Raphael Katabarwa, Jean-Francois Mombia, Marrion P’udongo
Line Producer/Post-production Manager: Peter Krüger / Inti Films
Post-production Assistants: Philippe Schrooten, Xenia Vanderlinden
Editing Consultants: Peter Krüger, Nico Leunen.
Editing Assistants: Nathalie Cools, Jozef Devillé, Stephanie Perrin
Neon sign construction: Belgium Neon
Colour Grading: Nicolas Billy
On-line facilities: Condor
Mixing studio: The Image & Sound Factory
Subtitling: The Subtitling Company
Insurance: Circles Group/BCOH N.V. Aon
Translations: Alice Evermore, Wietse Marievoet, Adam Tshony, Cecile Van Wesemael, Jessica Woodworth
Graphic Design: Casier/Fieuws


Renzo Martens for Renzo Martens Menselijke Activiteiten
Peter Krüger for Inti Films
Jos de Putter for VPRO
Wim van Rompaey for Lichtpunt Televisie


The Netherlands Film Fund
The Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Nationale Commissie voor Internationale Betrekkingen en Duurzame Ontwikkeling
The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture
Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds